Geelong Hydroponic Gardening

Systems & Techniques Used

There is no particular system for growing hydroponically that is right or wrong. The choice really comes down to personal preference.

Here we aim to show you as many options as we can, although it will not cover the whole gammet as there are many setups created by various people that work just as successfully.

However some of the basic concepts are outlined and shown here.

What works for one person, may not necessarily work or be suitable for another.

Setting up a hydroponic garden does not have to be expensive, you can incorporate a lot of basic items often discarded to keep your costs down.

When you are starting out take into consideration the area you have to set up a system, also bear in mind the aspect because even though you are growing hydroponically & the plants are being fed adequately, plants will still burn from excess sun and/or wind.

Hopefully the ideas & systems shown here will be of some assistance to you.